In addressing some of the logistical challenges it is sometimes necessary to place goods in intermediary warehouses, repackage them, provide extra labeling, and perform other specific operations with incoming goods.

At the disposal of our clients are outdoor and indoor storage areas, as well as warm warehouses in different parts of Berlin equipped with all the necessary loading and unloading machines.

Our specialists will swiftly and competently perform required cargo processing and ensure a prompt delivery of goods to recipients.

In any large-scale investment project, warehousing means:

  • distribution of warehousing space for specific groups of materials and equipment depending on the sequence of their going into installation,
  • identification and setup of intermediary storage areas,
  • distribution of functions, roles and responsibilities between the customer, contractor, and installation and building companies,
  • efficient management system of internal transport capacities,
  • automatic continual accounting of transfer of equipment and materials to installation.

By entrusting your project with our company you will get an integrated solution for your logistical tasks while delivering cargo or carrying out construction and installation works.