Project realization

Logistical support alongside smart financial management is an essential component of every foreign trade transaction.

Our company is ready to provide all-round logistics for your freight moving from EU to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other CIS countries, and in the opposite direction, under projects implemented by your company alone or with our assistance.

Our main shipping destinations are Italy, Germany, and the Benelux.

Modern vehicle fleet can haul bulky freight and handle any non-routine task.

We offer our clientele a comprehensive solution for the following logistical tasks:

  • Arranging deliveries of equipment / complete processing lines under a single customs commodity code on behalf of both our company acting as the general supplier and third parties.
  • Assisting in obtaining classification decisions (permission for equipment customs processing under a single customs commodity code) in Russia and Belarus.
  • Executing transportation paperwork in accordance with a unified standard.
    • Determining a procedure to execute transportation paperwork common for all subcontractors, as well as a cargo labeling policy.
    • Continually monitoring transportation papers of all subcontractors to check their compliance with the customs requirements and the requirements applicable to deliveries under a single customs commodity code.
    • Automated execution and distribution of the originals of transportation papers.
  • Organizing a single system for cargo dispatch
    • Making sure the dispatch of transport units is planned in advance.
    • Ensuring the dispatch of mixed consignments from various vendors.
    • Preparing documents needed to open a letter of credit.
    • Ensuring daily monitoring of location of transport units.
    • Coordinating the arrival of transport to the customer’s bonded warehouse.
  • Warehousing

Custom-tailored approach to each client coupled with impeccable reputation of our specialists guarantee top quality of service and most beneficial business terms.