Our company is a skilled and knowledgeable team of experts specializing in implementation of investment projects and foreign trade operations in Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, India and other countries.

We provide superior complex services in organizing, implementing and supporting transactions, conducted by residents of different countries in industry, trade and other sectors of economic activity:

  1. full project management solutions,
  2. exports of goods under our specialists’ control from one or several suppliers on behalf of our company in Germany or on behalf of our partners’ companies in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, India, Lithuania, Latvia,
  3. execution of customs authorities’ or other supervisory authorities’  requirements in the country of destination of your cargo,
  4. high-quality finance management services, arranging payment in euros, dollars, pounds, Russian rubles, Byelorussian rubles and other national currencies, work with letters of credit,
  5. assistance in carrying out certification of products in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries,
  6. full logistics support for your projects,
  7. acting as the general contractor when implementing construction and installation work, attracting as subcontractors the appropriate companies in the country you are interested in.

Smart project structuring, efficient management and appropriate logistical support of transactions make it possible to:

  • offer the best arrangement and terms of work,
  • considerably reduce transport expenditures,
  • lower risks arising from possible transport delays and cargo damage,
  • minimize the time needed to perform customs clearance of goods,
  • substantially reduce customs charges as well as equipment and materials’ certification costs,
  • prevent downtime and loss of material at the construction site,
  • ensure that all stakeholders honor their commitments,
  • avoid indirect costs due to shifting equipment delivery and installation schedules.

The issues of the import of goods into the EU customs area from one or more suppliers are covered in the Import Section of our site.

Our specialists are always available to meet your needs. We will be happy to advise you on all the issues and to prepare the business offer at your request. Feel free to contact us to get the best solutions to your problems.